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Our Farm is in the "Petra Bianca" area, easy to reach by taking the State Road 133 Palau - Santa Teresa di Gallura. Petra Bianca is located in a unique context: approximately three kilometres from the lively urban centre of Palau and 2 Km from the Isola Gabbiani / Porto Pollo area, a renowned destination for sailing, windsurf and kitesurf buffs, in the gorgeous scenario of the Maddalena archipelago.

The total surface covered by the farm amounts to approximately 150.000 square metres, bounded by dry stone walls. The structure can boast 8 rooms, each one different from the next and developed with precious materials and one-of-a-kind furnishings, embellished by design elements and decorations. Each room is a small glimpse of Sardinia, offering high style and comfort levels. Our offer is further enriched by the “Uddastru” tasting hall, where guests of the Farm can enjoy special breakfasts. According to the season and only via reservation (12 participants minimum), the tasting hall is also open for guests of the farm and external customers to enjoy recipes from the local tradition.

In addition to our hospitality, the production of local products is one of the main activities the Tenuta Petra Bianca focuses on. Our farm cultivates citrus fruits, various types of fruit trees, in particular apricot, plum and peach trees, plus a few hundred olive trees, while a large surface is dedicated to vegetable cultivations. The farm can also boast a henhouse with 12 hens and one cock, for the production of fresh eggs. Viticulture is the main activity of the Petra Bianca Agricultural Firm. In March 2015, the first vineyard was planted covering an area of over 5.3 hectares and two years later, in March 2017, a further 5 hectares of vines were planted. The wines produced on our estate are Vermentino and Cannonau and at full capacity we estimate that production will be over 60,000 bottles. For next year we also plan a small production of Cagnulari Rosè.

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The structure offers 8 exclusive rooms, carefully studied in every detail and a tasting hall where breakfast is served.

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Camere Petra Bianca - Tenuta Agricola Biologica
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Rental service

Explore the surroundings of Tenuta Petra Bianca from the best perspective! Thanks to various partnerships with local rental services, you can choose to explore the beautiful beaches or venture out on nature trails by hiring bicycle or scooter.

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We can use products from our farm and from the network of local suppliers to prepare delicious picnic baskets for our guests: enjoy enchanted days uncontaminated nature of the Gallura area.

Picnic Petra Bianca - Tenuta Agricola Biologica


The winery is located inside the estate, a few steps away from the vineyards. Ours is an organic winery, our grapes are grown without the use of synthetic chemical agents, while in the winery the vinification takes place with certified organic wine products. We currently produce Vermentino and Cannonau and the proximity to the sea gives our vines and our wine a special taste. At full capacity, it is estimated that production will be over 60,000 bottles and a small production of Cagnulari Rosè is planned for next year.

Prodotti Petra Bianca - Tenuta Agricola Biologica
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Organic products

The agricultural production in Petra Bianca is certified as organic by the “Suolo e Salute” monitoring body. In addition to viticulture, the Farm focuses on the production and sales of typical local products such as honey, oil, jam and mirto.


Famiglia Comini
(Giovanni, Rosanna, Stefano, Christian)

Proprietari dell’azienda Petra Bianca, organizzano e gestiscono le attività agricole e ricettive.


Coordinatore attività agricole e cicli produttivi, guida didattica all'interno della fattoria e nelle visite alla scoperta del territorio.


Coordinatrice ospitalità, ricevimento e degustazioni


Coordinatore ospitalità, ricevimento e comunicazione

Antonello e Martino

Collaboratori per i cicli produttivi aziendali


Icona contatti - Petra Bianca - Tenuta Agricola Biologica

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