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Every day, nature awaits you at table in Petra Bianca, with a selection of organic-certified products made in the farmhouse or coming from our network of local firms.

Orto Petra Bianca - Tenuta Agricola Biologica
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Fruit and vegetables

The farm cultivates citrus fruits, various types of fruit trees, in particular apricot, plum and peach trees, plus a few hundred olive trees, while a large surface is dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables which are at the foundation of our tasting session products.

Miele Petra Bianca - Tenuta Agricola Biologica
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5 hives, complete with nucleuses, were recently purchased for honey production.

Vigneti Petra Bianca - Tenuta Agricola Biologica
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The vineyard

The vineyard is the main activity of our agricultural firm. The main grape variety we cultivate is Vermentino, but we also have various rows of Cannonau, Syrah, Cabernet and other types of grapes which are used for production aimed at direct sales and supplying local firms.

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The farmhouse also features a henhouse with one cock and 12 hens for the production of fresh eggs which are used for homemade products included in our breakfasts.

Docli Petra Bianca - Tenuta Agricola Biologica
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Typical products

By using the raw materials form our organic cultivations, we make typical organic products belonging to the Sardinian tradition, such as marmalades and oil.

Mirto Petra Bianca - Tenuta Agricola Biologica
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The Petra Bianca Organic Agricultural Farmhouse produces various elaborate products such as mirto, limoncello and other liquors on the basis of availability and on the seasonal features of the fruit orchard and of the area.


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The more than 10 hectares of farmland cultivated with approximately 44.000 vines make viticulture the main activity of the Petra Bianca Agricultural Firm. The cultivations include varieties such as Vermentino, Cannonau, Syrah and Chardonnay, and the next goal is the construction of a small wine cellar to complete the production chain.

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