Typical organic products that celebrate the Sardinian tradition

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Petrabianca degustazione

The Uddastru tasting hall is the true heart of Petra Bianca. A comfortable environment with one-of-a-kind furnishings and decorations, where guests can enjoy our breakfast or sit and read a book from our small library, thus discovering the history, nature and charms of our land. Products from our Farm are the basis of a cuisine focusing on flavours and aromas from the Island.

Petra Bianca Breakfast

Every morning, nature is the protagonist of our breakfasts, mainly based on organic products from our farm and from our network of local product suppliers. Allow us to spoil you with our homemade sweet and salty cakes, our typical Sardinian biscuits or by homemade marmalade prepared with fruit from our land. If you like energy-boosting breakfasts, try some scrambled eggs laid by hens in our farm, accompanied by slices of Sardinian guanciale, oven-cooked ricotta with pears or a cheese board with honey and jam. In Petra Bianca, breakfast is an ever-evolving experience, combining classic breakfast with a selection of products based on seasonal and territory-related availability.

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Breakfast is served every day, between 08.00 a.m. and 10.00 a.m.

Colazione Petra Bianca - Tenuta Agricola Biologica
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The Farm offers fresh eggs laid by our hens, honey from our hives, fruit juices and extracts from our cultivations, on the basis of availability and of the season.

Prodotti biologici Petra Bianca - Tenuta Agricola Biologica
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Typical dolceria

We mainly use products from our organic farm to offer many sweets from the Sardinian and Gallurese tradition: acciuliddi, formaggelle, papassini and other typical sweets are baked with passion, especially for our guests.

Our products
Dolceria tipica Petra Bianca - Tenuta Agricola Biologica

Picnic basket

Petrabianca degustazione

We prepare delicious take-away lunches with select fresh products. Ask in the farm and we can choose your menu together according to availability: enjoy our food in the uncontaminated nature of the Gallura area.

Tasting menu

Petrabianca degustazione

Petra Bianca offers a typical traditional tasting menu, available only via reservation.
(12 participants minimum)


Icona contatti - Petra Bianca - Tenuta Agricola Biologica

For availability and rates inquiries please click the link below and visit the dedicated page.

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For information regarding the tasting sessions or Tenuta Agricola Biologica Petra Bianca products please call the following phone number, or fill in the form to send us a message.

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